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When we launched our business, we never thought that Pakisuyo will touch lives of our prospective clienteles. As we continuously serve them we just don't  deliver their errands but we also earned  unique experiences, learned a lot, befriended with them and some even treated us as family members. Sharing their thoughts, insights, stories and experiences (some would even share emotional concerns...) made us realize that launching the Pakisuyo business has more enough reasons now to manage our  services well  because we just don't serve clients  but we also help them fulfill their  aspirations.

Our clients are our major drivers in upgrading  our  services and continuously  serve them with the highest level of efficiency and quality.  BECAUSE we know, every document and errand that we process is CRITICAL for their families, for their work requirements, for their STAY outside the country and for their DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS in life.

Below are Pakisuyo stories that's worth sharing....we omitted some names d to protect identities of our Clients but stories are based on OUR TRUE TO LIFE  dealings with them....