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O U R   V A L U E S

We deliver ERRANDS with SPEED and QUALITY!

We are HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY at all times!

We are always guided with our SQHT Values! 


O U R    P H I  L O S O P H Y

  • We know that CUSTOMERS TRUST fuels our business.

  • We know that they want an ACCESSIBLE & RESPONSIVE PARTNER.

  • We know that every customer would expect QUALITY SERVICE.


  • We will make QUALITY as PAKISUYO's WAY OF LIFE!

  • We then commit that SQHT values will be instilled to our service providers at all times;We then commit to be accessible at all times and shall make our centers & service providers fully equipped with all sorts of communication gadgets such as emails, internet facility, mobile phones and all other e-facilities;We commit to deliver expected outputs within agreed time and commitment

  • We commit to equip our workforce with the necessary skills and competencies to effectively serve our customers

O U R    M I S S I O N

With Pakisuyo Center we believe that time is of the essence. We create, capitalize and deliver this to everyone that we touch. Our commitment is to provide a rewarding environment to client communities and promote "bayanihan and tulungan" concept. That anyone can rely to an entity like Pakisuyo Center where TRUST and CONFIDENCE strongly thrive in the present generation. "Magaling, Mabilis, Mapagkakatiwalaan at Maasahan".  

Our goal is to deliver service with energy, enthusiasm and integrity.

  • Our 3-Fold mission leads in creating HAPPY - SATISFIED CLIENTELES are :

  • To assist in balancing work and personal lives of our clients by providing convenience and accessibility;

  • To provide sustainable services, progressive and diversified where clients are well guided and updated on the most recent rulings and guidelines in processing their request.

  • To provide the most effective solution , option or alternative to their errand request without sacrificing quality and wise spending.

O U R     V I S I O N

  • To become the top of mind errand service provider for our KABABAYAN ABROAD.

  • To be known as the top errand documents expert sa Pilipinas

Pakisuyo Center is imbued with a vision to become the leading errand service provider in the Region that can continuously balance work life and family /personal life among its valued clienteles. It focuses its effort into innovative approaches on errand services, messengerial, facilitation including courier services, on a community based framework. Accordingly, in its three fold mission.

O U R   T E A M

 Our Pakisuyo Angels on the loose...

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