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PAKISUYO is defined as DOING something on behalf of another person.  Kung wala kang oras para lumabas ng opisina o bahay o dili kaya ay tinatamad ka dahil malayo ang pupuntahan, matraffic, maalikabok at nanghihinayang ka sa oras at pagod - - may solusyon ka na sa problema mo dahil at last... may PAKISUYO CENTER na!

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Pakisuyo Service Fees are all based on PRODUCTIVITY = VALUE/TIME

Most quoted Rates will always be on SERVICE FEES . Processing Fees, Courier/Shipping and other related fees that will be incurred during processing of errand request  will be billed to clients.  For most sought documents processing - rates are all-inclusive since fees are already known and determined per transaction.

For fast responses on your errand inquiries, pls state the following :
a. Give us complete name of school
b. State complete address of school
c. Tell us mailing location (local or international)

This will help us define processes that needs to be done including the appropriate quotation based on requested errand.

For OFW's we can serve errands provided that there are available couriers and delivery/logistics.


A. PAKIHATID means bringing the customer to the terminal, pier or airport.  This can be ONE WAY or TWO WAY depending on customers option. 

ONE WAY means sending-off the customer to the terminal, pier or airport .  
TWO WAY is sending-off the passenger  requested destination area either terminal, pier or airport and brings back the relatives back to their respective villages or agreed place. 
Rates will depend  on the kilometer run, location , number of hours and complexity of agreements and how many passengers are expected to be with the departing customer.  

The customer will be required to pay 50% upon departure and full payment upon completion of the PAKIHATID service.

B. PAKISALUBONG means to pick up the passenger from the airport, pier or terminal  This can be a ONE WAY or TWO WAY transfer like PAKIHATID.  

ONE WAY  means, the Service Vehicle shall proceed directly to the agreed terminal (airport, pier or terminal) and wait for the arrival of expected passengers.  

TWO WAY means relatives of the passenger shall be with the SERVICE VEHICLE even before actual destination pick up , then picks up the passenger  and finally sends off the whole team back to their places.

Overtime fees shall be charged to the customer for every delayed arrival.  Charging shall be based on the per hour rate charge of PAKISUYO office.  Example : If the agreed PAKISALUBONG RATE is P 3,000.00, this will be divided by the agreed hours and the per hour rate shall be the divisor for the total delay in hours of arrival.

The customer shall be required to pay 50% of the agreed rate before actual departure from airport and the remaining 50% shall be paid upon completion of the PAKISALUBONG SERVICE.

Toll fees and parking fees shall be on the account of the passenger.

What if Kababayan OFW opts to be avail of our service directly because she/he wants to surprise his/her family?  Ano ang dapat niyang gawin?

1.   Email us your errand request at least 3 days before your actual flight;

2.   Specify all details such as:

          a.   complete name and country of origin
          b.   flight number and name of airlines
          c.   exact time and date of arrival
          d.   complete instruction and itinerary

3.   As soon as we receive your email, we will then send our quotation;

4.   If you approve of the quotation, please email us back and confirm the request by depositing the 50% of the actual quoted budget to Pakisuyo Center.

5.   Pakisuyo  Team will then prepare for the arrival of the client by defining the vehicle to be assigned to client including the authorized Driver.

6. Complete details of Vehicle (Plate Number) , Full name of Driver and Contact nos will be sent to client through an approved Service Order.

6.   Upon arrival, the client will be brought to the agreed destination and if in case there will be delays in flight or extension of trips, the same procedure will be adopted specifically on charging of OT rates.

7. Full payment shall be collected upon successful drop-off service was done.  This can be endorsed to the assigned Driver or it can be deposited in advance to Pakisuyo Center account.

Clients can request for type of vehicles like CAR, SUV or a VAN.  Rate will vary depending on type of vehicles that will be used including the number of passengers on board the transfer vehicle.


Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If we failed to respond within 2 hours you may call us at +632 2471747 +639178053266 or email us at
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